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Keep shooting your load too early?

There’s no need to be embarrassed; it happens to the best of us at some point. But, if you’re regularly climaxing too quickly, you’ve got to do something about it before it’s too late. Once the word gets out, your sex life could go the way of the dinosaur. We all know women love to gossip and trust me; if women start comparing notes you want them talking about you it’s the best sex they’ve ever had not the least satisfying experience of their life!

Don’t panic just yet; I know some fail-safe ways to build your stamina and last longer, but before I share them with you, picture this scenario…

It’s Friday night, and you’ve had a tough week at work. You’re up for a big night out with the guy, so you get a few beers in and hit the club. The music is pumping, and its party central.

You’re feeling a bit horny so start looking around checking out the eye candy. Your gaze falls on to a hottie on the dance floor; you make eye contact; she smiles and it long after makes her way towards you.

You can’t believe your luck. I mean this girl is hot, and she is totally into you. She’s giving off some serious sexy vibes. Your friends are so jealous! Anyways… you flirt for a while, then head to the dance floor. Things are getting pretty steamy, and she’s giving all the right signals. You seriously can’t believe your luck. It’s been a while since you scored on night out. You decide to take a chance and invite her back to your place.

You jump in an Uber, and it’s getting pretty hot and heavy. She’s rubbing your dick and telling you how turned on she is right now. If this is a sign of what’s to come, you’re in for night of steamy, hot sex…

You get to your place and stumble through the front door. It’s barely closed before you both start stripping off. You throw her on the bed and grab the condom that’s been gathering dust on your bedside table. She takes it from your hand and expertly rolls it down your throbbing cock. All the time she’s telling you how wet she is and how she wants you to bang her hard. She climbs on top, groaning with pleasure as your dick slides in. It’s been so long, and this feels so good. You thrust in, but suddenly…it’s too much…and out of nowhere, you climax.

You can tell by the look on her face she’s confused. She has that ‘What the F**k?’ look. She goes from looking confused to dumbfounded to downright disgusted. You mumble an apology and try to kiss her, but the mood is gone. She makes her excuses whilst booking an Uber, grabs her clothes and is out the door almost as fast as your orgasm.

Have you been in a similar situation?

While you might not have experienced the exact same scenario, I’m sure there have been times where you’ve cum a hell of a lot quicker than you would have liked, right? It’s actually really common. Dude, up to 70% of men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. What’s more, it affects around 30% of men regularly. Man, those are some pretty crazy stats.

So, having overcome the issue myself, I want to help you fix the problem permanently. I’ll share some sure-fire methods to postpone your orgasm, they’re all-natural, and they work.

“I can help you last longer in the bedroom without resorting to weird creams, expensive pills or dodgy supplements”

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There’s no end of premature ejaculation products available on the market. But, despite all the claims and fancy marketing, the reality is most products do absolutely nothing. Don’t get me wrong, they might give you an extra minute or two at best, but they’re band-aid solutions. They do a poor job of hiding the problem, and they sure as hell don’t fix it.

Some of the worst ones include:

PILLS – It doesn’t matter what the box says; there are no pills on the market that stop you from releasing your load early. All those pills that claim to boost male stamina might help you prolong an erection. But, they ain’t going to do nothing to stop you blowing your load. It’s all hype and marketing to get you to part with your cash. These companies have no interest in helping you overcome the issue.

NUMBING CREAMS – So the theory of the cream is it desensitizes your dick so you’ll last and be able to pleasure your partner for longer. Now, it might buy you a few more minutes but at a high price. While it numbs you, it also numbs your partner. You can last a little longer, but so can she. You’ll still cum way before she’s ready to finish. I’ve got to be honest, in some ways this is an even worse scenario. You’ll get her hopes up and then still let her down.

MASTURBATING BEFORE SEX – This is one kinda makes sense. Bang one out on your own first, especially if it’s been a while, and you won’t be as excited when you hit the bedroom. Now, there are some guys out there who can only ejaculate once a day, so they’ll struggle to get it up, never mind go the distance. Also, your 2nd orgasm will never be as intense as the first, so you’ll be shortchanging yourself when it comes to sex.

MEDICAL PROCEDURES – This is an absolute last resort solution. Although 30% of men regularly suffer from premature ejaculation, less than 1% require surgery to fix the issue. For most men, the problem is psychological, and you fix it without spending thousands of dollars and letting a surgeon slice your schlong!

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Your PC muscle is critical to controlling your orgasm. It dictates the intensity of your orgasm and controls your physical ejaculation. Learn to control this muscle, and you can even learn to have dry orgasm.

Just by tripling the amount of foreplay you use before full penetration, you’ll notice two benefits:


Foreplay gives your body time to adjust. Thinking about sex and entering your partner can overstimulate your body and brain, causing you to climax too soon. By increasing the time you spend on foreplay, your excitement will build gradually, and you should be able to last longer.

SHE’S CLOSER TO CLIMAX – To reach orgasm, most women require foreplay. You need to turn her on and get the juices flowing. The longer you spend stimulating your partner, the less time she will need to orgasm during penetrative sex. That takes the pressure off you and means, if you’ve done your prep work right, you can both climax together.


This one is super simple, but highly effective. Next time you’re banging your babe and are about to blow, withdraw. Next, use your forefinger and thumb to squeeze the head of your penis for about 5 seconds. Wait for the urge to ejaculate to pass, and once it’s gone, you can pick up where you left off. Super easy, and you can use it multiple times in the same session.


So you’ve got a hot date coming up and can’t wait for the kegel exercises to work. Maybe extra foreplay seems too much like hard work. What ever the reason there is a quick fix option you can try – “Stamina condoms”. Durex Performax Intense and Trojan Extended Climax Control are two good options to try. These condoms are designed to help you last longer. The lubricant inside helps to numb and desensitize your dick so you can go harder for longer.

If, despite your best efforts, you still climax too quickly, try and gloss over it to bypass her disappointment. Try saying something like, “Wow, you’re just so sexy right now. The way you’re turning me on, I just couldn’t hold back. Give me a couple of minutes, and we can go again”. As long as you’re able to continue, she’ll be fine. Just focus on keeping her aroused while you rebuild your erection. Another option is to slow everything right down and focus on your partner’s pleasure rather than your own. You can pull out to help you calm down while continuing to stimulate her with your fingers or tongue. Using this technique is a bit of a cheat but totally worth it. You get to go at it for longer and impress her with your “endurance”, plus she’ll think you’re a selfless lover working hard to help her orgasm!


There can only be one answer – as long as it takes for her to be satisfied! Every woman is different and requires more or less time to climax. What works on one doesn’t always work on another; that’s why you need multiple tricks up your sleeve. You can expect most woman to need 15-20 minutes of penetrative sex to orgasm. If you want to speed up the process, your only option is to increase the foreplay.


Here’s a rundown of what you need to do:

  • Do daily Kegel exercises
  • Use the pull and squeeze method during sex
  • Increase the amount of foreplay to help her climax faster
  • Grab some stamina condoms if your too lazy (or selfish!) to focus on foreplay

So now you know how to last longer in bed, you can finally STOP your premature ejaculation and bring your partner to orgasm.