Tinder – 12 Best Pick-Up Lines that work!

Learn the best Tinder pick-up lines

So, you just downloaded Tinder and are starting to get some matches. Now, you are wondering what a good way to get the conversation going is, including what the best pick-up lines to use are. The first thing that is important to remember is that starting a conversation with a girl on Tinder is very different than talking to girls in a real-world context.

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Girls are generally on Tinder because they wish to be approached, and if you match with them, then they want you to make a move. Unfortunately, they have probably also matched with a bunch of other guys, so you have to make sure you are the one that first catches their attention! A good way to do this is by having a good first impression with that first text that you send to her. Here is the good news: most men do not read articles on this subject, so you are already one step ahead of them by reading and implementing the following tips!

When to message her:
Do not message her as soon as you match, as you will most likely look too desperate. And sometimes if you wait a bit, she will message you first, which is always a good sign. However, do not wait more than a couple hours to message her, as you still want to show your interest.

Girls want to be entertained:
One big reason that most girls sign up for Tinder is to be entertained. If you are not funny, than she will most likely move on to the next guy, as it is a lot easier to just switch to someone else while online dating. Girls usually just want a interesting, cool guy who is not clingy. If she is not interested in you, than she can easily move on. Your goal while using Tinder should be to give the girl you matched with a reason to stay in the conversation with you.

Most generic Tinder lines are bullshit: Most of the suggested Tinder lines that you will find online are just the same old pickup lines that have been used for years. I made a list of 2000 pickup lines, but 95% of them just don’t work! Most of them are just made for entertainment, not to get a girl’s attention. To actually get her attention, you will have to use an original pickup line that will make her laugh.

Best Tinder Lines That Work


  • You have the prettiest smile that I have seen on Tinder
  • You do not know how many times that I have had to swipe left in order to find you
  • Are you my future wife?
  • It feels like I have had a crush on you for many years
  • You’re the girl that I’ve been looking for.


  • Sup Tinderella
  • I know that your profile is fake, but I want the name of the model that is in your pics!
  • Sit on my face, and then I’ll eat my way into your heart.
  • I’m sure that you get this all the time, but you kind of look like a mix between Gandhi and Fergie.


  • I have the feeling that you’re trouble
  • I have the feeling that you like trouble
  • You’re everything that I thought I never wanted to see in a girl
  • You are not really hot enough to be this borin

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Getting her number:

It does not matter how funny or romantic your opening line was, you are going to have to keep a good conversation going in order to get her number. The main purpose of the pickup line is to get the girl to reply, so if she responds positively, than that is a good sign. However, you will not get very far with answers like “yes” or “no”, or even “aw you’re cute” or “haha, that’s funny”. Replies like these are generally not the best way to build a conversation.

Try to trigger a reply that will help keep the conversation going:

Try to use lines that will prompt her to talk about herself, such as “I have the feeling that you’re trouble”. A line like this will make a girls curious as to why you feel that way, or would say something like that, so she will most likely reply. Once she replies and has joined the conversation, you just have to make sure that you continue

Make her interested in you:

Once you have a good foundation, you will want to try and start an interesting conversation. You want to make her realize that you are a cool and fun guy to be around. You will also want to try and get her number, so that you can move the conversation off of Tinder. Unfortunately, people tend to lose interest rather quickly while messaging on Tinder, and will soon move on. To try and prevent this, obtain her number as soon as you are able, in order to keep her interested in you.

How to ask for her number:

Just using a simple sentence, such as ” Let me get your number so that we can continue our conversation over text”, should work in most cases. To try and keep it fun, you can follow up with something like ” I am going to send something dirty so that you know that it is me, alright?” and than text her “Something dirty :)”.