There are plenty of guys out there that are keen to date younger women but aren’t sure how to go about it in a post-COVID world. I’m not talking about the sleazy septuagenarians hitting on teenagers, that is just wrong on so many levels. I’m talking about 10 – 15 year age gaps like a 35 year old dating a 25 years old.

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I get that some guys just aren’t interested. They’re happy dating women around their own age, perhaps even older. However, younger women have a lot to offer so don’t discount it without trying it!

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Be the Alpha Male she wants!

Personally, I’m not afraid to admit I prefer dating younger women. They tend to come with less baggage, fewer expectations and are keen to party. Best of all, they love sex and are eager to experiment Although you’d better have the stamina and skills to satisfy them or they won’t stick around for long! So if you’re up for dating a younger woman here’s my guide to get you started.



She is attracted to older men!

You can’t date younger women unless you understand what it is that attracts women to older men. So let’s start with the basics.

  • Women find wisdom, experience and stability in older men. Men their own age are yet to start a career, are immature and unreliable. Women also mature faster than men so mentally they often don’t gel with guys their own age.
  • To get her attention, you need to demonstrate the qualities that women like in older men. Some men try to act younger, and that is the wrong strategy. If she wanted a skateboarding party animal, she could just hook up with the guys her own age. She’ll be assessing you by your looks and then lifestyle. Do you own a house and a car? Do you have an established career?


Get the girl you really want!!

Age will always come up, so you need to be ready to deal with those potentially difficult questions.

What are you going to reply when she asks: ” So how old are you?”

You have a few options:

* Throw the question right back without answering – Why? How old are you? Are you too young for me?

* Dodge it with a joke– Old enough to show you a trick or two.

* Are you worried you’re not mature enough to handle me? -Qualifying questions are a good way to set an expectation and make her work for your attention.


Once you’ve got her attention and she’s giving you some serious consideration, you need to use your age to your advantage.

  • If she asks why you’re dating younger women, give her a credible answer that shows some thought and consideration. Don’t say “uhm, os they’re hot”. Instant fail right there! Say things like “you’re not ready to settle down yet”, “women your own age are too career-driven” or “you don’t want to be pressured into having a kids yet”.
  • She might say she’s having second thoughts because her family and friends think dating an older guy is creepy. You’ll need to sooth her fears and provide her with validation. Let her know the fact people worry about her shows how much they care, but she should have confidence in her own judgement. If her family and friends see she’s happy they’ll support her.

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Society in the US and the UK is really judgmental when it comes to age. Large age gaps are often frowned upon, and couples close in age is far more common. That’s not the case elsewhere. In Russia, for example, the typical age gap is 7 years or more. So, don’t hold back because you think you have to. If you prefer dating younger women, then go for it. After all, it’s your life, and you only get one chance to live it!

While dating younger women is a lot, and I do mean a lot, of fun, there are some drawbacks. Younger women can be more promiscuous as they aren’t ready to settle down. Long-distance relationships are difficult at the best of times but harder still with a younger woman. If she’s in another country and you met on the internet, you’re probably getting played. If you met while she was on vacation and she returned home, don’t put money on her staying faithful.