When it comes to sexting, there are a lot of misconceptions. Some assume it’s something only young women do and that most women aren’t interested. Well, you’re wrong, and with that attitude, you could also be missing out big time!

It’s eye-opening to learn that women aren’t as reluctant to send raunchy pics as you think. Actually, if you use the right strategy, you’ve got a pretty high chance of receiving some nude pics.

NOTE: So with all this erotic material floating around, how do you get a piece of the action? Well, that’s precisely what I’m going to share with you. I’ll tell you what sort of pics you should be asking for as well as the best way to ask to increase your chances of success.

A recent survey of 2000 male and female participants from the USA and Europe shed some light on our sexting habits. One of the surprising results is that women now send more nude and suggestive pics than ever.

McAfee reported that 96% take pictures with their mobile devices, and 49% use video, photo, email or messaging to send raunchy material. The majority of this content, 77%, is intended for a significant other, but a shocking 16% is sent to total strangers!

It should come as no surprise that the most active group when it comes to sexting is 18-24 year olds. A whopping 70% of this group send or receive sexually explicit material.

What Type of Pic To Ask For?

The survey results show that women are more likely to send a picture of their breasts or torso than anything else. The stats speak for themselves.

Over 50% of American women have chosen to sext a breast pic,

While only 17% have sent pics of their butt.

A measly 9% have sent full body nude pics.

So what does that mean for you?

Well, if your goal is to receive nude pics from a woman, there’s a high chance she’ll be comfortable sending a torso shot. The challenge is how to ask for the photo! Let me show you:

How You Can Ask For Nude Shots (Highest Success Rate)

Asking anyone to send an intimate picture of themselves is a delicate process. But, if you learn the correct way to go about it, then it’s a hell of a lot easier!

Let’s keep things simple and start with what you should never do.

Under no circumstances should you ever:

  • Message out the blue saying, “I’m so horny right now, send me a shot of your t*ts!”…
  • Randomly send an unrequested d**k pic, hoping you’ll get a nude pic in return.
  • Tell her to send a pic so you can use it to jerk off later.
  • Say you’d like her to send some pics so you can add them to your collection.

None of these should have come as a surprise, but it’s worth highlighting them anyway. It’s a reminder that sexting, just like sex, is about two people. If all you want are nude pics to bang one out, there’s plenty available online.

So how do you go about asking for a nude pic?

First off, you need to make her feel comfortable, and there are two essential elements to doing this:

  • The act needs to feel private and intimate. If she feels like you want a pic to share with the guys, she’s not going to send one.
  • You need to make her feel physically sexy and desirable.

Keeping things private and not sharing is vital. Failure to do so will destroy your relationship and can have repercussions for future relationships too. Women like to talk, and douchebags are usually a hot topic!

When 17% of those surveyed chose to share a private sext pic, and a further 55% of that 17% decided to share pics with multiple people, it’s not surprising women find men hard to trust.

It also explains why most women surveyed would refuse to send a nude pic that includes a head shot.

Sexting doesn’t just happen. You have to set the scene, build trust and make her feel confident about her body and want to share it. Text messages are easy to misinterpret, so think before you hit send. There is a very fine line between playful and suggestive and downright crude. For example – “OMG ur tits r huge send a pic showing me the rest” versus “Wow, your body looks so sexy and hot. I can’t wait to see some more”.

It’s also critical you don’t come across as a desperado. Never grovel or beg for a pic. It just doesn’t work. Best case, she’ll ignore you. Worst case, you’ll get blocked. Instead of worrying about what to text, try using this simple line instead.

The #1 Copy-Paste Question That Leads To Her Sending You Nude Pics

OK, first up, you need to adjust her mindset. Think of it as foreplay. You want to prime her and make her feel a little horny before you suggest anything. If you get it right, she might even sext without you having to ask.

One strategy that regularly works for me is to message at night when she’s maybe thinking of going to bed.

Usually, I go with something like, “Hey, what are you up to? I’ve been thinking about the other night at your place…I don’t think you realize how hot you were”.

If you get a quick response and you know she’s not busy, it’s easy to follow up with:

This might seem a bit out there, but….have you tried sexting before?

If you get a positive response, then you’re set. If she says “No”, then ask, “Feel like giving it a try?” If she still says “No”, then let it go; it’s not for everyone. If she says “Yes”, then continue to build the mood.

Remember, there is more than one way to sext. Sexting can be text-based and may involve a story that eventually leads to sex or mainly visual material, i.e. sexy pics. If it’s pics you want, then you’ve got to guide things in that direction. You can start with a leading question like, “What are you wearing right now?”

Taken out of context, that question can be a bit creepy, but because you’ve already mentioned sexting, it’s more playful and suggestive.

As things start to heat up, and you ask her to send a pic, angle for a torso shot or chest pic. Remember that women are more inclined to send this type of pic than any other.

Don’t “Steal Her Thunder.”

Sexting should be erotic, fun and turn you both on. Don’t coerce someone to send a pic that they are not comfortable with. Avoid the “insecurity sext” or the “disempowerment sext.” The key is to make her feel sexy and confident when taking and sending you the pic. The more comfortable she is and the more she enjoys it, the better the pic!

Also, never try to sell yourself to boost your own ego. If you’re a hot guy with plenty of options, she probably knows it already – don’t bother bragging. You’ll put her off completely and strike out when it comes to getting any pics.

A while back, I was dating a seriously hot girl. She was good looking and oozed confidence and charm. I knew I was probably one of many guys she was dating, but it didn’t bother me.

She never mentioned other men, and I never asked.

That’s because whenever I was with her, I was 100% focused on her and only her. Having her undivided attention made her feel incredibly comfortable around me. So much that we starting sexting, and she felt confident enough to send several nude pics.

Now, this is the key to sexting. You need to create a safe and comfortable environment where you feel confident expressing yourself in a sexual way. If you can overcome the insecurities and develop trust, sexting can be a fun and fulfilling sexual experience.

If you’re new to sexting, then start with some fun, flirty texts. Nothing too explicit. It will make it easier for her to flirt back. Keeping things slightly ambiguous will also let her take the lead and set the pace. As a woman, it can be a massive turn on controlling the conversation and choosing when to turn up the heat by sending a nude pic. I guess what I’m trying to say is be patient and don’t rush things.

Women love foreplay, and it’s no different with sexting. Forcing yourself to hold back and allowing the sexual tension to build could bring big rewards. She might get so horny she pays you a late-night booty call…



You’ve been exchanging a few messages with a new woman, and you’ve totally hit it off. So far, so good, but you’re wondering if she might be up for sexting. At this point, timing is everything. Don’t get overexcited and rush in.

Perhaps you’ve seen the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is attempting to get Elaine to rush things with a new guy, and she gets super mad?

I think she says something along the lines of, “I’m trying to get a little squirrel to come over to me here. I can’t make any sudden movements!”

While not everyone wants to be compared to a timid squirrel, it’s a good analogy of how to interact with women so they’ll send you nude pics. Always play it cool and don’t come across and overly eager or, worse still, desperate. It takes time to build trust and get to know someone, and rushing in too quick will trigger her defences.

Nowadays, so many of our relationships are built and maintained through texts. It’s often how we get to know one another. That’s why it’s essential to proceed slowly and steadily build up familiarity. So how do you do that?

First off, you need to get her comfortable sending regular pics before you work up to the sexually explicit kind. An excellent way to do this is by sending some innocent, family-friendly selfies. Perhaps you take a shot of yourself out for breakfast, at the gym or a selfie with a funny filter. Try to send something you know will entertain her. Most likely, she’ll reply with her own selfie, and you can establish a regular picture exchange.

Now that you’ve built trust and got her comfortable with sending selfies, it’s time to up the ante. The next step is to go for the full body shot. The easiest way to casually change the type of photo you’re sending is to reach out and ask for some help. Most women can’t help themselves and feel compelled to assist. Try sending an image of you wearing an outfit for an important meeting and ask for some advice because you value her opinion.

Next, try something a little more sexy to see if she’ll bite. Try a swimsuit pic or a shot of you after a shower – towel on, of course! Whatever you do, don’t send an unsolicited dick pic. It’s a massive turn off. The lighter, flirty and playful pics are easier to reciprocate and allow her to progress things at her own pace.

Using this strategy, you’ll get her comfortable sending whole body pics and gradually showing more and more flesh. First, there’s the new dress; then she might share pics of her latest underwear purchase or a super sexy new swimsuit. Let her enjoy expressing herself and sharing her body, and she’ll naturally progress to sharing nude pics.


Of course, sexting isn’t for everyone, and some women will flat out refuse to send any nude pics. There are also those that pretend they’re not interested but really just want you to push them a little harder. It’s usually pretty easy to tell the difference between the two. When faced with this problem, you can try a couple of techniques that often turn the situation around.

Technique one is to strengthen your bond and increase her comfort level. Leave sexting for now and focus on other subjects. Ideally, you want to choose topics that pull at her heartstrings and make her more emotional. Using an emotional connection will make her think with her heart, not with her head. Which often results in her sending nude pics as that’s what she feels emotionally compelled to do.

If you can find topics that generate emotions and also bring you closer together even better. Try to find some common ground where you can share experiences and build a strong rapport. An easy topic right now is to use the pandemic. Perhaps ask if she’s felt isolated or lonely or what she is missing most in life right now.

Technique 2 is what you should use when she is “sh*t testing” you. When this happens, you’ll receive a highly provocative or rude reply which is supposed to trigger a reaction.

For example:

You: “Nice curves! Want to share more?”

Her: “I’m not sure my boyfriend would approve of that ;-)”

Is there really a boyfriend? Or is she trying to mess with you? The only way to know for sure is to ask…you’ll know immediately if she’s “sh*t testing” you or is a definite “No”.